HALIFAX – Saturday, July 15 at noon, a coalition of Mi’kmak activists and anti-racists are calling for the peaceful removal of the statue of Lord Cornwallis at the site of the statue. Cornwallis was the mastermind of the genocide of First Nations, particularly the Mi’kmak with his Scalping Proclamation of 1749. He would pay a bounty for the killing of a Mi’kmak adult or child. According to records, his budget for the 1st year was 39,000  British Pounds but he spent 174,000 British Pounds for the first year alone. He was also the mastermind behind the Mass Deportation  of Acadians, french settlers, by recruiting Foreign Protestants from across Europe to settle in Nova Scotia. He left before the mass deportation of Acadians that started in 1755. Acadians who refused to leave found shelter and support from the Mi’kmak First Nation.   Despite numerous close votes, City Council has always denied the demands of First Nations for the removal of this statue in the heart of the city..They formed a review board to make recommandations about the  future of the statue. Some Chiefs of the Mi’kmak nation are calling for more time to settle the issue, but  many activists believe time is for action, not for studies and to clearly say let’s put an End to the Genocide policies perpetrated by Cornwallis then Governor of Nova Scotia for the Bristish Empire. For more details,, read our article l’extrême-droite s’attaque aux droits autochtones.(in french for now)

TORONTO – Saturday, July 15, the so-called  » Students Society for Free Speech » is calling for a demonstration in support of the 5 military personnel that confronted First Nations demonstration against Lord Cornwallis in Halifax on Canada Day. They are members of the Far-right Proudboys and are presently suspended from duty and under investigation by the Military.Backed by the Proudboys and the network of Far-right groups in Toronto, they are trying to defend these 5  members of the Navy as victims and not as members of a group that preach intolerance and hate. They are followers of their guru and The Rebel network. They will gather at Nathan Phillips Square at 2h00pm to support those they label the ‘Halifax 5″. 

One of the usual organizer, Ron Cameron called for a mass demonstration and he list the groups he works with( Jewish Defence League, Soldiers of Odin, the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens, Canadian Combat Coalition,, the Proudboys, the III%  Militia of Ontario and his own innercircle of5).People and groups that works against intolerance and bigotry will  be there to counter the  hateful message of these members of the youth wing of The Rebel supporters.The Proudboys were active this week postering hate messages near mosques in Toronto.  Local anti-racists took down the posters but one of them was able to post a photo of one of the poster. The hateful message is clear and must be opposed.


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