Another figure of the former-Heritage Front in trouble

In the early hours of July 7, 2017, Hamilton Police responded to reports of a shooting at Avondale street. A 65-year-old man walked out shouting ‘I’m the shooter » and was arrested. A 24-year old man, the alleged home invader, was taken to hospital suffering from gunshot wounds to the abdomen.

While searching the house, police found an ‘unusual’ firearm, looking similar to an AK-47 assault rifle. The man is facing charges of aggravated assault, sischarge of a firearm with intent, unauthorized possession of a firearm, careless use of a firearm and possession of a dangerous weapon. This man is George  Harbottle. While reports cited « neighbours describing him as a man with strong opinions that ran unsuccessfully for a Catholic board trustee position in 2014″(Hamilton Spectator,July 7, 2017). But, there is more to that story.

Harbottle ran one of the infamous hateline of the White Supremacist Heritage Front. A member since 1992, he operated the RACIST ROCK INFOLINE in 1994. As the Toronto Sun described him in march 1994, a construction worker, Reform Party supporter and a regular at Heritage Front events since 1992,  » Harbottle is also the most extreme. In its short life it has targeted Jews almost exclusively. It is expected to act as a promotion tool for a group of loosely affiliated racist rock bands in Toronto and in the United States ».  At that time, he was involved in an argument with fellow Heritage Front members. James Scott Dawson was arrested after he pulled a couple of pistols on Front members George Harbottle and Kim Lyons during an argument. Harbottle and Lyons were also arrested when Dawson complained that they had one of his pistols.

A recent posting by Harbottle shows that his views have not really evolved since his days with the Heritage Front. This is probably why the III% Militia posted a message of support for this « ordinary canadian », the same day of the arrest!

We will follow that story in the weeks to come.


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