On July, 12, the so-called Canadian Association for Free Expression(CAFE) hold a memorial service for the late Barabara Kulaszka, who died in June. Kulaszka, together with the also-late Doug Christie, was part of the lawyers team defending a wide-range of white supremacists, Holocaust deniers over  the years. from Ernst Zundel to Marc Lemire. The « memorial » was held at a Toronto Public Library despite calls to cancel the reservation by a wide-range of anti-racist, Jewish organizations, municipal and provincial politicians.

Featuring long-time member of the Far-right, from member to director of the late neo-nazi Heritage Front,  Marc Lemire was one of the speaker. The Canadian Federal Court found him ‘to develop websites to disseminate messages of racial hatred and to incite violence…’. There was also Christian Klein,  » who says Germans were the real victims of WWII and that Jews ran camps where Germans were tortured and murdered »(Torontoist, july 12, 2017)!  Clearly, in his case, we can clearly use the term revisionnist, since he seems to see reality on the reverse side of reality. Paul Fromm made also some remarks. Followed by some chants, the LARGE CROWD OF 25 was pleased with the event.

      Kulaszka,  Doug Christie and Marc Lemire in better days

This was a total disaster for the Guru of the White Supremacist movement in Canada. He was only able to gather some old followers, many from former-Eastern Europe, some former-members of the Heritage Front, like Max French to such an important memorial. Europeans neo-nazis and Far-right leaders who regularly invites Fromm to their gathering should really see his large following on a sunny day of July!

Max French, ex-Heritage Front                      Paul Fromm, outside the memorial

As usual, none of the participants said to the White supremacists, or Holocaust Deniers or even White Nationalists. Fromm stated it was just a memorial for a freedom fighter and that has nothing to do with neo-nazis or white supremacy. But, Fromm keeps some very strange supporters when he organize speaking tours across the country, as we can see here while dropping in Calgary, Alberta with Blood and Honour/Combat 18.




Fromm holding the Banner of Combat 18 and planning

Despite the failure by Fromm and his associates, it is quite astounding a Public facility such as a Public Library hosting an event for White nationalists who makes a living by promoting hate and bigotry. Their stance is not freedom of expression but freedom for hate messages and bigotry.


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