On this day, which his the Human Rights Day as declared by the United Nations, we are proud to see The Rabble join our campaign to stop Islamophobe Pamela Geller from joining the Far-right Jewish Defence League (JDL) and the Commander of The Rebel in Toronto next week-end.

The Rabble has just published a call  that « Canada must deny Islamophobe Pamela Geller entry into Canada »- the full article can be found here;

Meanwhile, as we must step up our campaign, the Far-right and Islamophobes are in a last minute fury to defend Geller. She posted a 12 minutes video on her Facebook page on December, 7, 2017 stating that she has less than 50% of chances of getting into Canada. She denounces the campaign of Prime-Minister Trudeau as  » an Islamophophilia trying to dismantle freedom of speech », ‘ with sharia pro legislation ». She also state that there are 2 sides, one which is good (ie.that’s her of course) and another one which is Evil. She then says that,  » do something buy tickets, by my books and not acting, is like  aiding and abetting the enemy »(ie.that’s all of us)!!!! Some comments posted made were members of La Meute, Storm Alliance, Northern Guard and other Far-right members in Canada. On another of her friendly website, the Islamophobe also denounced us and Now Magazine. One comment posted from the article denounced the Minister of Immigration as, and we quote,  » we have a pro-sharia devout jew-hating Somalian MP as the Immigration Guard(…) what are the odds that a Jew-hating homophobic Muslim from a crap-hole swamp would let Pam coming in »!!!!

She also denounced NOW magazine and even set-up a fake-planned demonstration.

Her counterpart, Ezra Levant, broadcasted an interview with her on December 8, 2017, Levant says that « 49% chances Geller won’t be allowed into Canada » based on the treatment of the Proudboys by the Canadian Military and Navy. It is interesting to note that the leader of the Far-right Proudboys left The Rebel, following the controversy surrounding the pro- White Supremacist coverage by their reporter at the infamous Charlottesville Rallye of the Far-right and neo-nazis last summer that left one person dead and 19 severely wounded after an attack. The Proudboys are an interesting link to be made. We must remember that 5 of their members were suspended after trying to confront a First Nation gathering in Halifax last summer(see our article). Then, on September 30, 2017, in Ottawa, they joined forces with the Far-right Northern Guard as part of a rallye against Migrants. They tried to create a physical confrontation with local residents demonstrating peacefully against the Far-right on Parliament Hill.

They were also part of the White Supremacist Rally in Toronto on October 21, 2017, trying again to create a confrontation with local antiracists and residents denouncing the Far-right;

All these photos shows the Proudboys, the Northern Guard and Members of the III% Militia.

As the wording says, with the company they keep, we know where they stand. Levant’s remarks are quite clear as to what kind of company he sees Geller as part of. We must renew our call for her ban from entry into Canada.  As we see from the developments of the case, the picture is becoming clearer every days. One of her supporter clearly state her view and basic dreams about her presence in Canada, about her video,

 We have la Meute …Storm Aliance….but they need more members!

But, Canada does not need more hate, prejudice and Islamophobia. Indisviduals and organizations have shared the story and the issue on social medias. We thank all of them for their contribution in this fight against hate and prejudices. The campaign to stop Pamela Geller must continue and we must know the nature of her followers in this country. The Canadian Government must take a stand and say NO to Islamophobia and the Far-right.


Pamela Geller just issued a statement on the vandals of Bloc Identitaire found guilty of destroying the building of a Mosque in France. The Far-right militants were convicted and received suspended sentences and a major fine for their racist actions against the Muslim community. But, for Pamela Geller, according to a recent post on her website “Far-right militants”? Hardly. These are young people who care about the future of their country »

This how the AP  reported on the sentencing of the Far-right militants;

“French far-right militants convicted in mosque occupation,” by Elaine Ganley, AP, December 7, 2017: PARIS — The French far-right group Generation Identity and five of its members were convicted Thursday of organizing and taking part in a 2012 anti-Muslim demonstration on the roof of a mosque in the city of Poitiers, near where Arab invaders were stopped in the 8th century.

In an especially strong response to the protest, the court handed down suspended prison sentences for each of the five and imposed fines and other penalties amounting to nearly 40,000 euros (nearly $47,200.)

Here is a photo of the « Scum Patrol’ gang from Generation Identitaire

Also, NOW magazine just published an important article on Geller and the JDL project

 We also learned that Facebook suspended the page of the JDL but also of all of its administrators. Is Canada having lower standards than Facebook, PayPal and the UK government? We will see in days to come.


December, 7, 2017

An open letter to :

Right Honourable Justin Trudeau,

Prime-Minister of Canada

Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen,

Minister of Immigration, refugees and citizenship

Honourable Ralph Goodale,

Minister of Public Safety


The Jewish Defence League (JDL) has invited Islamophobe propagandist Pamela Geller to speak in an event on December, 18, 2017 at the Canada Christian College in Toronto. We strongly believe that Pamela Geller should be denied entry into Canada. She had been refused entry in the United Kingdom in 2013.

In January 2012, Geller formed Stop the Islamization of Nations (SION), a new international organization, with herself as executive director. SION joins SIOA with the European anti-Muslim group that inspired it, Anders Gravers’ Denmark-based Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE). The new organization intends to create a “common American/European coalition of free people” to oppose the advance of Islamic law.” It will also publicize the names of politicians, activists and others who promote the alleged Islamic agenda in the West.

Pamela Geller in the middle, with Tom Robinson of the EDL and Anders Gravers of SIOE.

She has spread her movement with Islamophobes and Far-Right organizations around the world. She invited the Far-right English Defence League to rally in the United States, while its leader, Tommy Robinson, entered illegally the US under a false name (see report) and endorsed the Far-Right Bloc Identitaire in France. The Bloc identitaire has been accused of intentionally distributing several popular soups containing pork in order to exclude religious Jews or Muslims; in Strasbourg, Nice, Paris, and in Antwerp with the association Antwerpse Solidariteit close to the Vlaams Belang.  Their Youth wing are staging  » scum patrols » in the streets of France against foreigners and particularly members of the Muslim communities.

In an interrview on November 7, 2017, she described Muslims as a dangerous threat to America and the West, “Muslim immigration is tied directly to Islamic terror. If there’s no Muslim immigration, you would not have Islamic terror. The more Muslim immigration, the more Islamic terror you have, and the more of the Muslim zones—these no-go zones,” Geller said. “Europe is a cautionary tale.”(Rightwingwatch, november 7, 2017).

She also stated in a radio interview with Janet Mefford in early-july 2017, reported by Right wing watch on July,13,2017, that;

The First Amendment And ‘Without Freedom of Speech, Free Men Have To Resort To Violence’

“I would say above all it is the war on the First Amendment,” Geller said. “Because without freedom of speech, free men have to resort to violence. Everything else you’re seeing—the ‘mosque-ing’ of the neighborhood, the ‘mosque-ing’ of the workplace, the ‘mosque-ing’ of the public square—comes as the result of what happens in this war” against the First Amendment.

In September, she participated in the so-called Free Speech week at the University of Berkeley, in California, which ended in chaos and confrontations with students (see article below).

More recently, Geller proudly announced that she was the world’s top Islamophobe according to some press reports on her activities on social medias. This is a title from her website on December 4, 2017;

GELLER: Congrats to Me! 2017’s ‘World’s Top Islamophobe,’ According to Leftist Hate Groups and Media International Business Times reported Monday: “American blogger Pamela Geller named as world’s top Islamophobe.” What honors are bestowed upon me in my fight in defense of freedom

Now, the JDL , which US counterpart deemed as a terrorist organization by the FBI in 2001, is having her in Canada in order to finance their activities and spread Islamophobic meesages to a Canadian audience.

The JDL has seen its Facebook page suspended, as reported by the Canadian Jewish News on November, 30, 2017;

For the second time in less than a year, Facebook has removed the Jewish Defence League (JDL) of Canada’s profile page.The page was taken down Nov. 27, after an administrator of the page posted a photo of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who founded the Jewish Defense League and was assassinated in a Manhattan hotel by an Arab gunman in 1990.“It looks like something you posted doesn’t follow our community standards,” the social media giant explained in a message to the JDL’s Canadian director and Meir Weinstein, one of the page’s administrators. Weinstein told The CJN he was also suspended from Facebook for 30 days.

Now, they added the infamous Ezra Levant from the Rebel Media to the list.

PLUS: Exclusive “Meet Pamela Dinner” takes place December 17, 2017 at 6pm. Location to be confirmed after registration.General seating: $25VIP seating: $36Dinner (includes VIP seat) $180


 Pamella Geller is the co-founder of Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), which has been described as a hate group by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) as well as by the United States Military.

In June 2013, after a personal intervention of then Home Secretary Theresa May, now Prime-Minister of the UK, she has been banned from the UK. In her letter, published by the Huffington Post UK on June 26,2013, Theresa May says “ After careful consideration,the Home Secretary personally directed that you should be excluded from the United Kingdom on the grounds that your presence here is not conducive to the public good. The Home Secretary has reached this decision because you have brought yourself within the scope of the list of unacceptable behaviours by making statements that may foster hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK”. The letter also described the SIOA as an “ anti-Muslim hate group”.

The decision by then Home Secretary was also supported by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, as we can see it in their posting in 2013;

by the BoardThe Board of Deputies shares with the CST and American Jewish communal bodies including the Anti-Defamation League the very strong and longstanding concerns about theviews of people like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who are planning to attend the Woolwich EDL march. The Board’s Vice President Jonathan Arkush said: “Our community has no need of their presence here and they would be better advised to have nothing to do with the EDL.“The Board considers their presence to be deeply unhelpful to community relations and would have no objection if they were not permitted to enter this country.”

More recently, Theresa May, the CONSERVATIVE PRIME-MINISTER OF THE UK, explained her decision in a speech to the Conservative Friends of Israel lunch of in December, 2016;

Anti-Semitism should have no place in politics and no place in this country. And I am proud to lead a party that takes the firmest stand against it. As a government we are making a real difference. Indeed, when I was Home Secretary we took what I believe was an important step in gauging a truer picture of the problem, requiring all police forces to record religious hate crimes separately, by faith.

And I made sure we kept extremism – including the sort that peddles anti-Semitic vitriol – out of our country.That is why I said no to so-called comedians like Dieudonne coming to Britain.It’s why I stopped Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Pastor Terry Jones coming too – since Islamophobia comes from the same wellspring of hatred.

It is why I kicked out Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada as well.

And it is why I brought together internet companies and government to tear down the poisonous propaganda that infects minds online.

Spencer and his associate Pamela Geller were scheduled to speak at a rally  organized by the Far-right English Defence League (EDL). Here is a picture of some of the members of the EDL;

Geller has an outstanding history of spreading Islamophobia in the United States;

 Her sponsored campaign on buses in the United States

She regularly portrays Muslims as  » Savages » in the battle of civilizations.

As of August 2017, PayPal have placed a permanent limitation of  her account

This also how Geller views our policies in Canada;

In her own words, the Prime-Minister is using warfare tactics created by the Muslim Brotherhood! It should be noted that the event is supported by most Islamophobic organizations and some Far-right groups all across Canada. Some of them are presently voicing the speeches of the leader of the JDL, since his Facebook has been suspended.


Canada has the power and duty to stop hatemongers from entering our country and spread their messages. In 1992, we stopped Holocaust denier David Irving, also Denis Mahon from the KKK. In 2012, the pastor Terry Jones, who claimed that “ Islam is the new Nazism” was barred from entry from the US for a “ freedom fest” in Toronto. More recently, the Anti-Semite Dieudonne M’bala M’bala was banned in May 2016. In March 2016, Augustus Invictus, a member of the Proudboys, was banned from attending a neo-nazi gathering in Vancouver.  On June 25, 2017, Bill Finlay, known as WildBillFinlay, was denied entry when he was invited by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI)– Canadian section for a gathering in downtown Calgary.

Now, it is time to send a clear message. Pamela Geller  should not be allowed to spread islamophobic and provocative messages in Canada. Organized by a group suspended from Facebook, having being banned from the UK by Conservative Government and having even her PayPal account terminated, we must enforce our laws and power to stop this islamophobe from spreading her message in our country.

We are asking you the make the necessary steps, within your existing powers, to deny entry to Pamela Geller,(DOB- June,14, 1958) into Canada. You will find links to document about her.


Research group on the Far-right and it’s allies/ Groupe de Recherche sur l’extrême-droite et ses allié(e)s.

(Pamela Geller- DOB June, 14, 1958 )

Here are some documents to support our case;

On the recent history of extremists banned from Canada;

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